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The seasons change and the weather shifts. The first thing I want to do? REDECORATE! Time to get cozy and bring out my favorite fall decor! Fall is one of my most loved seasons because I get to warm up the house with all of my pumpkin scented candles (the ones that I bought on clearance last year, major money saver!), fuzzy blankets, and anything else that screams autumn! I already know what I love to incorporate and see in my home, but am always on the look out for more inspiration and new ideas. First places I go to for inspiration are Pinterest of course, west elm (I mean how can I not?), and I can’t not stop by Target! If you’re new to the whole decorating thing and don’t know where to start, I’ll give you some tips and tricks to get that perfect fall vibe in your home.

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Thing is, there are all these trends and “in” fashions try and keep up with or decide if you even like them. How do you incorporate that to your unique style? Start with what you know you love and let the creative you come out! Find pieces that you personally like, but that also are interesting to you. What’s the point of going with a trend you don’t even love? Hate the whole pumpkin idea? Skip it! There’s plenty more fall decor you can go with!

Here’s a little tip, don’t love it at first sight? Gasp a little when you first see it? Its not screaming “buy me”? Pass! You’ll find something that catches your eye to you soon enough! I personally always find a lot of pieces I love, and I mean A LOT! I simply just can’t skip the decor sections at any store! Easily said, it’s kind of my weakness! But the first thing I like to do is, decide if I can do something with what I find or if I’ll still love it next year. No point in spending your money on something that you’ll only use for a few months!

This year, I’ve fallen in love with gold, fur & anything rustic all over again! Thanks to Target and a few of my other fave home decor go tos! Oh Target definitely did it again! I’ve always loved gold, and lucky me.. It just won’t go out of style! Gold is one of those accent colors that just makes everything stand out and gives a sophisticated look to any room. I especially love to mix gold with wood, pinks, and more than anything… white! It just gives such a clean and simple look. Actually, these days I think that gold is a beautiful combination with almost any color!


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Alright, so you hopefully have found things you want to decorate with! Still struggling to start that decorating process? Don’t know what colors go with what? Find an inspiration or a certain design you love. A theme, a color scheme, or a specific style. Simple, eclectic, contemporary, rustic; the list goes on! Match your color scheme with the pieces you already have. Or to make it more fun, add a few more tones and materials that go well with what you already have.

One of my other favorite trends for fall right now, is the neutrals with a hint of green! Pumpkins don’t have to be orange right? They’re just as cute when they’re painted white! HINT: DIY project!! So, a lot of creams, white, browns, and a little hint of green! How perfect is that?! It makes a pretty combination for a neutral rustic room. And want to know something awesome! It’s sooo easy to convert to a winter theme once Thanksgiving passes! Literally, it takes half the work out of redecorating!

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This color scheme and theme is perfect if you don’t want too much typical fall colors in your home, and it adds a rustic charm to the room! Anything with different types of wood, browns, and creams helps with that rustic vibe. Add in a bit of greenery and splashes of white, you have that perfect combination of elegance! To bring some fall charm into the theme, beautiful wood, twine, and neutral pumpkins do the trick! You still see and feel like it’s fall, but don’t necessary have the oranges and reds that can be harsh at times if not done right.



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After finding an inspiration or direction you want to go in, the next big step is a major one. DECLUTTER! Too much stuff can make a space look smaller and even messy. Remove all that you know doesn’t belong or things you don’t even like anymore, keep what you really love! Let the main pieces of your room shine, so you can enhance their beauty later. It’s a good time to organize and get that donation pile going! Once you have the space all ready to go, think of what first sparked your interest when you thought of fall and start decorating!



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