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| DIY Glitter Candle| Quick, cheap, & easy |

When it come to deciding if I want to do a DIY, one of the first things that pops into my mind is, “how long will this project take and will it cost me more to do it myself, than if I were to buy a similar product at a store?” The last thing anyone wants to do, is spend all day working on something that you can buy for so much cheaper,¬†is made by professionals, and even looks better. Nothing like a DIY that doesn’t turn out like the pictures you followed.

My sister and I had so many ideas for our next DIY project, we just couldn’t decide. We kept looking over all our favorite ones and decided on this one that is fool-proof and cute! Follow along for a Glitter Candle DIY that is super easy and doesn’t take long at all. And most definitely affordable! All you need is 30 min or so of your time, depending on how many candles you decide to DIY, and a few supplies.


Hit up your nearest craft store for some essentials. All you need is:

  1. masking tape
  2. mod podge (if you’ve never heard if this, it’s an amazing craft glue that works on nearly any craft project! Available at any craft store for a low price)
  3. a paint brush
  4. glitter (your choice of colors)
  5. candle(s)


If you decide to do multiple colors for glitter, I recommend choosing a variety of similar shades that will match the room you decide to put them in. Also, a varying height in candles is pleasing to the eye.

I went with shades of golds and browns for glitter (bought at Michael’s Craft store) and cream candles (bought at IKEA).


First gather all your materials and clear an area that you can use for this project. Make sure you line the table top with some sort of paper or board, as to clean it off easier later.

Next, tape off the desired amount of glitter you want on your candles. I had about 1/2 an inch taped off. You can do anything you like, even diagonal lines or full on glitter candles.


After applying the tape, apply mod podge under that line all around the candle. I found it easier to hold the candle sideways and rotate them while painting them, in order to work quickly and easily with the glue.


When you’re finished applying the mod podge, start to sprinkle on your choice of glitter. Do so about 1-2 inches away from the candle so there will be no chunks of glitter. Keep the candle in your hand and rotate until you cover all of the glue. Do this step one more time to cover any missed spots.


Now, put the candle standing straight up on a newspaper to start drying. And continue this process with all of your candles. Easy right?!


Once all the candles are done, leave them to dry overnight. After they are all dry, spray the glitter portion of the candle with hairspray. This keeps the glitter from coming off and getting all over any furniture or other decor.


Put your newly DIY’d candles anywhere you like, take a step back, and enjoy!


Don’t forget to take a few pictures and send them to your friends, this DIY is so cute, easy, & affordable that they will want to try it themselves!

Stay tuned for more DIY’s, tips and tricks, and leave a comment below or a picture of your very own DIY.



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